Lehmann and Almunia

With Jens Lehmann returning to the club I thought I’d post a few comments that I have seen online.

“Lehmann is like a guy who has not been in goal for a long time but who has kept his body fit. He has the basic physical fitness, he needs little bit of decision-making practice in goal.” Arsene Wenger

“It’s good to have him around as well. He’s a very experienced guy and has massive leadership skills in the dressing-room.” Wojciech Szczesny

“There is respect between us. We have keepers out injured. Jens was one of the best keepers in the world and has returned to give his best.” Manuel Almunia

“Lehmann’s experience is invaluable” Jack Wilshere

“We can see how difficult it is for many to find a fulfilling, meaningful job after leaving professional sports. From a sporting perspective, he can certainly help out for some games. The whole situation is further evidence of the goalkeeper malaise in England.” Oliver Kahn

The following comments come from the Goonersworld forum:

AW to loan a keeper

“Lehmann would be the mad kind of leader we could do with. He could p**s round his goal area, that will stop the opposing strikers” djaxter

“the hole he left in stuttgarts defence has really hurt them they were second from bottom last week, so might not be as crazy as it sounds” Liam Cork


“Lehmann was a World Class GK, with a World Class mentality who performed at a World Class level after he left us. He is better than Almunia now and he will be better than Almunia in 5 years time. He has an Iron mind, he won’t be phased playing for us, you think he cares what we think? He has a pair of f***ing balls.” GunnGunn

“Please play Jens in the next game, he certainly won’t do much wrong than this muppet [Almunia] and would organize our defense better.” Jay22

“Jens was treated like crap when he was let go. I never ever had any faith in Avi Al. The most overrated keeper we ever had with his stupid “saves for the camera” bulls**t, inability to parry a shot away from oncoming attackers and his fear of the near post.” IMF

Jens Lehmann

“Please lets just have a few boring dependable Jens displays, not any suicidal oppo killing phsycotic moments.” UFGN

“I can’t believe some people want a 41 year old whos been out of the game for a year to come in as first choice. I can understand back up if you are really desperate but any thing else is pointless.” Yorky Blue

“i bet almunia will get a mysterious injury now” Dejan

Phantom injury due to strike again:

“If he can perform to his abilities prior to retirement then it’s all good!
I hope his reflexes are as good as ever. You just know his mentality will be.” gzagee

“Even if Jens isn’t a tenth of his former self, the fact is he’ll still be a hell of a lot better than Almunia.” Est83

“If he stays on his goal line and doesnt rush out into midfield, then run past the attacking striker and the ball, whilst pushing our CB over, he will be better than Almunia” Goose

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