My favourite thread on the goonersworld forum is the Official Knee Jerk Thread. You really do get a sense of how Arsenal’s form affects our mood as fans. Whilst most of the comments are posted with tongue firmly in cheek, the thread does give an exaggerated idea of the atmosphere on the forum.

Thankfully last week I was too busy to write a blog, after defeats to Spuds and Braga the blog might have questioned the commitment of the players, Wenger’s tactics, the quality of our players and many other possible issues within the club. Since then we saw Chelsea drop more points in the league and Man Utd knocked out of the Mickey Mouse Cup. We now sit two points off Utd and on equal points with Chelsea in the league and are favourites to win the Mickey Mouse Cup. All of a sudden things have started to look rosy again.

If Van Persie stays fit and finds form, Rambo comes back from loan fighting fit and Vermaelen ever recovers from his ‘two week’ injury they could be ‘like new signings’ at the business end of the season. Admittedly these are big ifs but I’m feeling positive. Two low key wins in a row, after two high key defeats, have changed my mood enormously – although my mood has been enhanced by the results of our rivals. Defeat to Fulham would put me back to a negative mindset though and I really don’t know what to expect when Arsenal step out on to the field. Watching Arsenal this season has given me the same feeling as I have had each morning this week when peaking out of the window to see if there has been snow. Excitement that snow might come and I could have a day off work and disappointment if the snow hasn’t come or isn’t heavy enough for me to go back to bed. Excitement that Arsenal could go out and win comfortably and disappointment if we don’t get the result or put out a below par performance. Just as my mood quickly changes every morning when I look out of the window, my mood quickly changes when I see which Arsenal have turned up to games. I’m hoping for more snow this season!