No doubt a legend in the game, but should he not win any meaningful silverware this season I feel his popularity will have fallen to an all-time low.
He’d taken a massive gamble putting his faith in youth, whether it was his decision or his hand was forced by the Highbury/Ashburton project I’ll never quite know.
For five seasons we’ve had the old line about giving this young team time to mature; their inexperienced; they will get it right, etc etc etc.
Time has now come to reveal that these very same players now have just as much EPL and cup experience as many of their counterparts, despite their tender age. The likes of Cesc, Clichy, Denilson, Bendtner, Nasri, Walcott, Diaby, Djorou, have all got very good EPL experience from such young ages.
I thought that with the board gifting him another four years and the increasing sound of disgruntled supporters he’d really go for it this year.
I’m not saying we ain’t, it’s early doors yet and thankfully this is the worst points haul in any Prem season by the top placed team. So by no design of their own Wenger and the team are still mixing it at the summit helpfully playing their part in everyone tripping over eachother’s feet.
But that is the thing which worries me. It’s almost as if the team feel that playing complacently and chucking points down the drain is expunged by the Chavs and Manures of this world also being complacent. We all know one if not both of them will at some point click into gear. They always turn it on by the turn of the year. Whilst we tend to stutter around the same time.
The excuses have pretty much worn out.
He’s tainting an exemplary record by refusing to change his philosophies. He knows what it takes to make this team a success. He knows how to create a winning mentality. He knows what it takes to mix it and defeat the bully boys. He knows what it takes to challenge on more than one front.
So why does he continue to act as if he ain’t got a danny la rue??
And before someone says we’ve never had it so good; please save it for someone who’s willing to listen to the ‘bad old days’. Cos even then we’ve seldom had a boss in the hotseat so long when you take aside GG. In fact you have to go back to sometime before Terry Neil’s reign to find a boss who enjoyed more than five years in the hotseat without winning nish.
Folks are paying alot of money to watch this team. And the reason why so many can’t is cos they cannot afford it. So peeps have every right to question just what the feck is going on with Wenger, the board and the playing staff.
He’s been allowed to become too comfortable. At least Fergie has consistently won things to justify his undoubted greatness. Should he retire without winning another trophy no-one would question his ability to bring out the best in his players. He’s shown he’s a winner and can adapt to the changing times.

I fear Wenger is tarnishing his legacy right now. Yes he’ll leave us with state-of-the-art training facilities, a 21st century stadium; a wonderful youth academy but I want him to also be remembered for winning things.
It’s what they are employed to do. It’s how the greats are judged.

Written by Gzagee of the Goonersworld forums