The Champions League has rolled back around without much talk and we find ourselves on match day. I suppose after the weekend thats to be expected.

So, we are away to SC Braga tonight in what i think could be a tricky fixture. The team was visibly shell shocked after the weekends capitulation so we may see some fresh blood tonight.

Noticeable absentees include Clichy who has a back problem, as well as Arshavin and RvP who are being rested. Excuse me why i go wildly off topic but why the hell has a man who has been out for such a long time and has barely had any game time since coming back being rested? Braga seems like an ideal game to ease him back into starting games…But alas, i do not make the decisions.

With those three out it looks like we will see young Gibbs deputising, i thought he had a solid game against a France team that was all over us, maybe its time for him to try and give AW a selection headache, he needs to prove his long term fitness however.

With Arsh-lazy-in out it may be a good game for Rosicky to start, he needs a goal, and he needs to start some games.

Someone else we may not see is Fabregas, with Le Boss admitting that he will wait until this morning to speak to him, apparently he still hasn’t recovered from a hamstring injury, which is causing a bit of poor form, could it be this new strain of super hamstring injury? Known as Barcelonaitus? Who knows folks.

Me personally, i don’t think he should play, we have plenty of talented attacking midfielders who can fill in for him, and he needs to get his head screwed on the right way.

According to some other media reports this morning, Bendtner is likely to return from a week long ban imposed by Wenger, now its no secret i am a big fan of the confident Dane so i’ll be happy to see him involved, i do not believe he has just come off a ban, unless he was banned from the Danish squad as well last week? Unlikely, hopefully his head is in the right place and the fans give him a warm welcome, unless they are all Daily Mail readers, then he is FOOKED!

I can only guess but i am sure we will see Walcott, Eboue and a few other familiar faces as well, as we look to put out a strong team to try and wrap up the group, yet keeping one eye on a tough game against a rejuvinated Aston Villa side, complete with an injection of the legendary Pires.

And what about our kind Portuguese hosts? Well, they are currently sitting 10th in the Portuguese Liga, having lost four of their last five games, which makes them incredibly dangerous to a team like us, they have a few good players, and we do have to remember that on their way to the Qualifiers, they knocked out Sevilla and Celtic, don’t let a 6-0 walloping at the Emirates fool you, they are a different beast at home, we should be especially wary of Lima who came off the bench to score a Hat-trick against Sevilla to knock them out.

Having said that, i really hope that AW laid into the team after the game and told them to get their things in order, we need to show we can come back from a defeat as gut wrenching as the weekend and stamp a mark on the CL and show some real intent for this competition, i believe the Champions League suits our game a lot more and i do believe we have a good chance to win it if we get our shit together.

Enjoy the game tonight everyone and hopefully we will have something good to talk about tomorrow.

GG over and out.