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So Cesc Fabregas is leaving. No he’s not. Yes he is. What the hell man. This is messing with my head, stupid football, stupid everyone.

Barcelona have the upper hand, Cesc isn’t going anywhere else apart from Barcelona, so if they offer as little as 40 million, we’re likely to accept as Wenger’s not one to stand in the way of players wanting out. Or is he?

The likes of Vieira and Henry were sold directly after their prime. In his final season Henry was a grumpy old man demanding passes from everyone in the team, Vieira wasn’t quite as fast with his decline, but his departure allowed us to release the talent that we are all currently talking about. But was it all worth it? An in-his-prime Fabregas looks to be on his way out. Or is he?

There have been no direct quotes from Fabregas himself, just a load of allegations and reports. Though there must be some sort of truth to the story as normally Fabregas would deny the claims as soon as possible, instead of dragging it on for days. The fact that Arsenal have failed to comment simply enforces this, as if it wasn’t true, surely they would simply deny it?

So we know there is some sort of truth to the story, though Arsenal are proving a tough nut to crack. We’re not accepting anything under 80 mill if reports are to believed, so there is also a very strong chance that Fabregas will be at the Emirates next season. Which begs the question, will his heart be in it?

We don’t want our best player to jog around the pitch waiting for the season to end so he can sign for his boyhood club. Equally, he could replicate Ronaldo and give the fans something to remember in his final season (Ronaldo won PFA player of the year as Man Utd won the title). Which will it be?

In my opinion, Fabregas simply has to stay. Arsene Wenger is never going to spend the whole fee we receive from his transfer and in all truth is likely to stick with a Nasri, Song, Diaby midfield which we used towards the end of this season. If this were the case, I would seriously doubt us finishing in the top 4 next term. The more unlikely option is that Wenger could re-invest the money to build our team a new spine, that money could get us a reliable goalkeeper, a solid replacement for Gallas, and two new midfielders to play ahead of Song. Though that won’t happen with Arsene in charge will it?

Our debts have reportedly been fully cleared now, so Wenger has no excuse this time round.