Well, it looks as though Sol Campbell is more than happy to stop at Arsenal for at least a further season. According to press reports, he’s more than confident that he can serve at least two more seasons at the top level. However Wenger’s policy of only offering a season by season contract to players over 30 could put paid to that, especially with the “flattering” interest from Celtic for the central defender.

To be fair, Sol has been a rock since he signed in January, turning out some really gritty performances, and in a couple of games, you’d swear he was the only player on the field.

Speaking personally, I’d like to see him stay at least one more season, as long as we don’t get the dramatics of his last spell at the club.

Cesc… Well, he’s under contract, and thus far, Arsenal have not received a formal bid, so for the minute he remains an Arsenal player. Barcelona may well be interested, but what’s new there? As I understand it, no formal transfer request has been handed in by the Spaniard, therefore paper talk is exactly that. Paper talk.

I trawl through dozens and dozens of websites every day, make an effort to listen to all the sports broadcasts, and not yet once have I heard a direct quote from Cesc saying that he wanted to leave. He’s been quoted as saying that the only team he’d leave Arsenal for is Barcelona, but he didn’t say he wanted to leave Arsenal for Barcelona, there is a difference.

The Catalan giants have just signed David Villa anyway at vast expense, whether they wish to add to this remains to be seen, but would Cesc really want to warm the substitutes bench for the next season, or play first team football, and try to bring silverware back to Ashburton Grove?

Lastly, why do we have to listen to this sort of thing every transfer window? Why can’t the players and management come out publicly and say what’s happening? Is it really that hard for Wenger to say “Cesc is not for sale at any price” or for Cesc himself to say “I’m perfectly happy at Arsenal” or “I wish to move on”

Got to love the media for their spin on this, I wonder how many extra newspapers they sold.

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