Is now having to put up with the ridiculous shite now being spouted by just about every media outlet…

Apparently after one game, Naan Bread is now as good as Johan Cruyff, he is now Man Utd’s Ronaldo :doh:

That **** Howard who writes for the Sun, has for the umpteenth time it seems now has written a story with that cliche’d title, you just wish would go away now, “Men against Boys”.

He has then gone on to basically take the piss in a snidey story, full of cleverly cloaked digs.

It makes you wonder honestly just how the media would react if the shoe was on the other foot?

Well my take on it is this, they would put it down to a stumble for Man Utd, none of this men against boys shit, somehow say it was sheer luck on our part, despite a comprehensive victory, then talk about when our next loss was likely to come about.

Why is it that Arsenal are always singled out for this kind of shit? Is it because we want to do things the right way? Live within our means, run a football club as well as running a successful business? Is that not the way to try and aspire to live in this day and age?

Or is it simply a case of, spend as much, win as much, at any cost?

I think this has now become the case, Man City almost seem to have become the golden boys now, the team the media expect, and seemingly want to win, despite trying to fast track their way to victory, by spending £200 million in the space of a season.

I don’t have anything wrong with them, good luck to them, but its just the fickle nature of the media that annoys me, it wasn’t so long ago they were “Ruining the game”…

It is true we need signings, only a blind monk, abandoned on a remote planet 100years ago would dare to disagree, but as i and other people have always said, its nowhere near the severity these so called “Experts” seem to think.

They want David Villa’s here, Messi’s there, do they live in the real World?

I am sure, that if Arsenal REALLY wanted to, we could easily go up to Athletico and smack a £50 million bid for Aguero and feel not even even the slightest repercussions in the short term, but in the long term, we could, and that is not something that AW wants to risk and after seeing what has happened to Portsmouth, who not so long ago would have been a good shout for the top 6 after winning the FA Cup, who can blame him?

What i do not agree with AW about however, is this seeming belief that some players in this squad are World Class and that signing players, would damage the very fibre of the squad, bollocks Monsieur.

This “Promote from within” philosophy, is admirable, but not realistic for a World Class team, sure, it works on occassion, but for the most, part, you replace like for like, we lost Adebayor, who has been in great form for Man City, 7 in 14, goal every other game, not bad considering, therefore, he should have been replaced with a similar striker, AW deemed this not necessary, and we are now feeling the effects of an alomost non-existant target man, i mean, we don’t even have a fit striker right now, in a pivotal moment of the season.

The defence has been improved to no end with another Wenger stunner in Thomas Vermaelen, signing of the season for me, but, as a once avid defender of Almunia, he has now been show up as some what of a fraud IMO.

The last 2 seasons, Almisit has been right up there for me, even the likes of Fordy have said as much, but was he REALLY that good? Or was he just doing what was expected of him in an AWFUL defence and therefor, getting MUCH more credit that he deserved? I think that was now the case, even when he was on good form, there were still question marks, now there are even more.

He is simply not good enough, he will never have a game like Mannone did at Fulham, because he simply does not have those moves, moves you born with, not taught.

I would put good money on us being level, or even TOP of the league, with a World Class goalkeeper between the sticks.

For me, Alu and Fabiclutz are not good enough, Mannone has shown he is, 5 clean sheets in 8 games of there about including one of the goalkeeping performances of the season? Impressive.

What about Chesney? Earning absolute raging reviews at Brentford, being singled out for their rise in the table with some stunning displays.

In my honest opinion, even though we need a few signings, we will always be that few signings away, it pains me to say, that i think we have been punching above our weight for a while now, while teams around us improve every single window that goes by, we seem to stuck in a state, neither going one way or the other, we seem to just be stuck in a position where in which we are not bad enough to be knocked out of the top 4, but not good enough to win anything, sad, but thats the way i feel.

Anyway, enough of that, it just disheartens me, seeing this team so close to being untouchable, and falling short time and time and time again, i know the old codgers in SE13, Libs and DJ, see the game differently to people nowadays, who think winning is the be all and end all of everything, i used to see it that way, a f***ing good day out with my old man up to Highbury, him putting me on his shoulders when i was a nipper, and although gutted at a loss, we always saw the positive side.

Times have changed however, and i, being young, have moved with those times, i remember watching this club when Graham was in charge, my Grandad is mates with O’Leary, and my family has been supporting the club for generation, i am not some new era fan, brought in by the glory, it was just about the Arsenal, come rain or shine.

But i want to win, because we are too good a team, and we play such stunning football, to not win, we are an honest club, and we do things the way they should be done, and we need to show the World, that clubs run in this way can prosper and shove a big f***ing finger up to the **** that have doubted us.

And on that note, good day to you all, and Up the Gunners.

Written by gunngunn of the GoonersWorld forum

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