Now we are out of the Fa Cup after a lacklustre display from the lads, how do you feel? Do you still have the ultimate belief in Arsene Wenger or are you blaming the Frenchman for our exit to Stoke City? Well, here is my take of this subject: It is stupid. What is stupid? It is stupid to blame our greatest ever manager for the downfall in today’s tie. Please, think carefully to yourself about this. Did the players that Arsene sent out today, play to their highest ability? No, no they did not. So why are the majority of fans speaking so poorly of Arsene Wenger?

Arsene Wenger did not put out a team with the intention of losing a game. No, instead of committing murder in the footballing game, he sent out a team with the mind-set of gaining a place in the 5th round of the Fa Cup, not losing in order to concentrate more on the race for the title. Arsene Wenger wouldn’t do such a thing, especially as we haven’t picked up a piece of silverware in five years. The players performing today didn’t help either. They didn’t play up to their standards and we were disappointed about that, as we all know that they can do much better.

Before I go any further I would like to give credit to Stoke. Yes, I know that they frustrated us and I was deeply annoyed with their time wasting (the towels at the throw-ins) and their consistent fouling of our players. I was getting increasingly worried of the fact that something terrible would happen to Cesc Fabregas. We are at the point of the season where we need our squad fit and rearing to go. Back to my point, I thought that Stoke defended well and created several problems to our back line. They wanted the win more than us, it may be hard to accept, but that it’s the truth. I hope they go on and do themselves good in the competition.

The players have come in for harsh criticism in the aftermath of the defeat to Stoke, and it has been over the top for me. Denilson and Theo Walcott in particular have been scapegoats among us Arsenal fans for the loss. I’m not going to say that they were great this afternoon (that prize goes to Sol Campbell and Craig Eastmond) as they weren’t. But they are young lads and will take many more steps to learn the trade here for Arsenal. They struggled today, but everyone has an off day once in a while, that’s just football. But I strongly believe they’ll become more consistent as time goes by, they are taught by Arsenal Wenger, and so what makes people think that they can’t make it?

We are currently approaching a tough run of games starting at Villa Park on Wednesday night. Are you guys up for it? Well, if you are up for it, then you need to start supporting your players when things get tough. That is what supporters are supposed to do. Do you think that the players would want to go out there and play confidently if there are people on their backs? Of course not! We can make it through this tough run, but only if we believe that our players can do it.

Come on Arsenal!!!