It’s a pretty simple question: is the re-signing of Sol Campbell a step in the right direction?

If so, what can he truly bring to this squad that we so dearly lack?

What do you think of the rumours that Senderos is the unfortunate soul to make way for Campbell?  Their paths are so intertwined that Big Phil must feel like the Abel to Campbell’s Cain.

Personally I’m against this ‘signing’.  He’s past it.  And he’s a bit of a mercenary.

He refused to sign a contract extension with Pompey last summer because they weren’t offering the megabucks he wanted.  So he upped sticks and moved to… the Notts County revolution!  Now, I can’t recall the sum of the 5year contract he signed but, I do remember he was set to pick up a princely sum.  I even remember an article in which he said it wasn’t Eriksson’s vision what excited him (indeed if not for the money he’d’ve said no) it was purely the money.

He’s done it before, with us, and the Filth up the road beforehand.

And lest we forget his mental ‘toughness’ and ‘attitude’ which was on evidence when he was owned by Marlon Harewood at Highbury that fateful night when he left us in the lurch after his halftime Orange.

Which brings me onto his influence on poor Sendy.  Now, I’m not a big fan of Phil’s but even I can’t knock him for his committment to the cause.  The boy always puts in 110%.  Even when getting owned by Drogba and Rooney.

How must he feel when he’s already felt the cold shoulder from Le Prof when he was ousted from the champions league team for Campbell? He worked his nuts off as part of an impregnable defence on that run.  We even won the first leg at home to Villareal if memory serves.

Then he’s shouldered by Campbell for the 2nd leg.   

He’s not been given a look-in this season.  He’s been overlooked in favour of Tweety.  That takes some doing!

What the f**k does Le Prof have against this fella?

Can you blame the lad for wanting to leave when you can’t get on to the bench cos the boss thinks a couple of geriatrics way past their sell-by date have more to offer than him????

Not good, not good at all.  Now, many of you will say he was integral to the team in two Premier league successes and he scored the first goal in the CL final.  Granted, I cheered along when he scored and I sang his name when we went the season unbeaten.

But I cannot forget the way he f**ked us in 2006.  He even said he was going abroad when he decided to leave us. I swallowed it, though looking on past evidence I should’ve known better… He f**ked the club who nurtured him and then he f**ked the club who brought the best out of him.

So okay, that’s in the past you may say.  Get over it. Move on.  Let’s look at the present.

What attributes can he provide us with?  Defensive cover.  Is he at 35 a better option than Big Phil?  We’re not going to see the Campbell in his pomp, the colossus that marshalled our defence between 2001-2005.  So are we hoping his influence in the changing room will count for something?  Can he be brought on for 20mins and help the team sail through those final hairy moments?

So once the tickertape has fallen, the trumpets lowered and the euphoria has subsided ask yourself; is this a masterstroke from Wenger or is it just some misguided sentimental indulgence?

I know Wenger said he was in the market in the Winter Sales but this …?