The answer is yes.

Well, first of all I would like to state that Arsenal Football Club is English. There are no two ways about it, as this historic club was founded by a group of factory workers in England. Before the Arsene Wenger era, our weekly team-sheet used to consist of rougly 7-8 British players. Managers of the likes of George Graham and Bruce Rioch didn’t bring too many foreigners to the Club. It could be due to the fact that they didn’t know how to negotiate business abroad, or they wanted to keep the English game of football as English as possible. Who knows?

Something then happened in which we never of thought would have taken place place 30 years earlier, or even a matter of 10 years earlier. In December 2009, Pompey and Arsenal were just supposed to play a typical league game. It actually was just like any other Premiership game except that both teams didn’t field a single English soul in the Premiership encouter. That is terrible, it indubitably is and I hope I never see such a thing again. Forget Pompey for a minute. We shouldn’t be going from a team of stars of the English game (Adams, Keown, Dixon, Cole) to a team where nearly all English talent is languishing on the fringes of the team squad. Arsene Wenger is doing a fantastic job at the moment at the moment, well he has been doing such a unique job for over 13 years now. Le Boss has nurtured some of the best foreigners to ever grace English football, you all know who they are (Henry, Viera,Fabregas). Some of them performed to an immaculate pedigree consistently in our Red  & White jersey. We currently have an amazing batch of foreigners, but it is going slightly too far for me now, and possibly many other Arsenal supporter’s aswell.

Some of you may say that ‘The English’ costs a extortionate amount of money. Yes, they may cost more than a bargain from France or Africa, however it is worth-it. Why not start now? Arsenal is a Club based in England. Arsenal are playing in the English Premiership. So why don’t we have at least 3 or more English/British players in our 1st team (Players like Carlton Cole, Scott Parker, Matthew Upson, Young etc) ?