Injuries and players not good enough. It seems as if it’s the same old story, yet again. We fail to buy any real experience players in the summer, get into a injury crisis mid-season in and then we struggle to make a big impact on the Title Race. I don’t mean deciding where it goes come May, but if we are actually going to get that piece of silverware which we have been apart from since 2004. I believe that all Arsenal fans are waiting for that special moment again. Arsene Wenger, the man in charge of Arsenal. He is intelligent enough and experienced enough to know that we can’t compete with Chelsea and United if we continue to play with team that we currently have. Not enough of us have star quality, that could go the extra mile or experienced players that we get us through the rough and tough.

United. They have players still within their ranks like Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes. Those two experienced players (who still have quality) don’t ask Sir Alex Ferguson to play every single week, they know that they can’t do that. It’ll be selfish to all of the youngsters coming through like Gibson and Obertan (signed in the summer). But they are players who can come on in the second half as an experienced head and lead from there. Not to forget that they already have experienced players on the pitch like Fletcher, Ferdinand, Vidic, Brown, Evra and Van Der Sar.

Chelsea. They are even more experienced than United and that is showing this season. This is why they are the favourites to win the league. This is why they are the best team in the league. Yes, most of their players are over the age of doom – 30, but those players are still talented in their own rights. Lampard, Drogba, Anelka and Ballack are still great players who have the legs to carry on even further. On their bench they have talented players who are experienced as well e.g. Deco.

Arsenal. Arsene Wenger gets to call on super-talented players but players who haven’t won much in their careers, which has been rather shorter than other teams players. Cesc Fabregas is only 22 years of age and yet he is our captain. That puts a lot of pressure on his shoulders and I don’t believe that kind of pressure should be put on such a young mans shoulders. Not at all. He is the youngest captain in the league and he plays for one of the biggest clubs in the world. That isn’t really what I want to talk about right now anyways. It is just that one of our most experienced players in our team is a 22 year old. Count Andrey Arshavin out of it for now. He has only played in a Russian League full of decent players who aren’t fit enough to play in the Championship let alone the Premiership, well most of them. Then you have Silvestre who is our only real squad player here at Arsenal. You also have William Gallas, who is a proper quality experienced player. But that is all to be honest. In desperate situations we are unable to call on those ‘experienced’ players to come off of the bench and help us win the game. We don’t have that. I don’t blame any of the Arsenal players. Why should I blame them, as they haven’t done anything wrong? It’s Mr Wenger, that is where the problem lies.

We have had several opportunities to go out into the market and gain a player full of the ingredients needed to make Arsenal champions quality. Manchester City gave us 40 million for the double transfer of Emmanuel Adebayor and Kolo Toure. But we only brought Thomas Vermaelan who was actually brought before the sale of the two African’s. I don’t think that we are a club is masses of debt. I may not be on the board but we can afford some talented players for good fees if we wanted to. Wenger has usually come out with the normal excuse saying that we couldn’t find the right player. There were plenty of players but Wenger didn’t want to get his cheque book out. He’ll be rueing that decision now.

We have a lot of key players out on the sidelines? If he spent some cash in June, July and August then this situation would be covered way easier then what is happening right now. We have to rely on 18 year old Aaron Ramsey to produce to goods against Hull City, who replaces the injured Cesc Fabregas. When Lampard is injured then they can recall Malouda. When Fletcher is injured then they can call on an experienced player in Scholes. We can’t do the same with the squad that we have now.

We also have some players who don’t deserve to wear the Arsenal shirt. I hate to point out a name but I will need to do so right now. Denilson. He is a player that I don’t rate. I want him to play well in the games that comes his way and I support him in the matches, but it is a different story at the end of the day. It’s like a can’t credit him after a series of poor performances. This has been the case since last season, but I don’t really blame Denilson entirely. Arsene Wenger has a part in this. Denilson came into the 1st team as a player without a lot of first team experience. He didn’t gel into the team with great players like Cesc with Viera. Wenger just stuck him into the team and hope he plays well. In the last 20 months he has only performed to ‘Arsenal’ standards in only 6-10 games. That isn’t good enough. I could say the same thing for two players in the Arsenal shirt right now, but It is not in my intention to do so any further.

January is the time for Arsene Wenger to sort all of these problems out. If he has an ambition for the team to become the Champions of England, or Europe to that matter, then he needs to dig deep into his pocket to sort out all of the problems.

End of Term Report (so far)- B.

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