It’s a record that has stood firm for 62 long years but on Thursday, current incumbent Arsene Wenger became not only the most successful Arsenal manager of all time but also the longest serving. Now the Gunners boss wants to herald a new era of Premier League and International championship success at the Emirates.

Despite winning 11 major football trophies and leading the team to a whole season unbeaten in 2004, Wenger says that he still “questions himself every day” and thinks that “there are still more targets to achieve”.

In particular, he may be referring to the Champions League, which has so far eluded the Frenchman, despite reaching the final in 2006 -a game in which they led, only to eventually lose 2-1 to Barcelona.

“I have not exceeded my expectations because I always expect much more” said Wenger.

“My expectation is to win every single football game I manage and I did not do that, so I can never exceed my expectations.

He added: “We were close to being crowned European champions, but that is what is still to achieve.

“Of course it drives me on, but the competition is very high with all the big clubs you have in Europe.”

The Champions League title would be the perfect way to mark Wenger’s record thirteenth year in charge and it would also end a trophy drought that has afflicted the club since 2005.

That there has been virtually no call for a managerial change, despite the recent lack of silverware, speaks volumes about the 59 year old. Blackburn Rovers boss Sam Allardyce has enjoyed plenty of tussles with Wenger during his time at Arsenal and he paid tribute to his rival.

“Anybody who can get into double figures [in years] as a manger these days is achieving a huge amount of success for their particular football club,” said Allardyce.

“There are few managers that can stay at a club that long. Arsene came from Japan and found his home at long last.”
“Both have benefited greatly from that so I’m not surprised that he’s the longest-serving manager Arsenal have ever had.”

By Josh Allen
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