A conversation I had with a non Arsenal supporter.

Non Gooner: Your fans are doing my head in totally mate.

Me: Agree.

Non Gooner: It’s not just England it’s everything.

Me: Agree.

Non Gooner: They moan about the press always been against Arsenal.

Me: Agree.

Non Gooner: They blame everything and everybody for Arsenals short comings rather than the team or manger.

Me: Agree.

Non Gooner: They can never admit Arsenal has done anything wrong.

Me: Agree.

Non Gooner: They moan nonstop about f***ing refs.

Me: Agree.

Non Gooner: And there attitude to England is a pile of wank.

Me: And yes you guessed it. I Agree.

That conversation then lead to me writing this blog.

I said I wasn’t going to do any games this season but ended up doing 3 in a week but i won’t go for a few months now because I can’t bare it.

The whole Eduardo thing was pathetic. Eduardo dived and should be punished. I said this, and stand by it. I do have a problem with UEFA but not because it’s against us but because they are inconsistent.

We are no angels, far from it. No club can claim to be whiter than white.

I can’t believe how much footy is getting me down, not Arsenal as a club but the fans and everything else. It’s really changed me in the last six months and I never thought I’d feel like this. It wasn’t so long ago that I gave that big long speech to another Gooner about giving up his season ticket. But now I’ve gone and done the same thing, although for totally different reasons.

Last season I went most away games there is a group of fans who I cannot stand. They think they are bigger and better fans because they go away games, they think they have a right to demand things from Arsenal because they spent a lot of money on them. It doesn’t work like that. It’s f***ing embarrassing. Yes as a fan you want to see your club do well and be successful, but some of the crap that comes out of their mouth is pathetic. Who are you to call another Arsenal fan “plastic” because they’ve been to less games or maybe don’t go at all? Early leavers as well, I’m not a fan of it but they’ve paid for their tickets so can do what they want. That “is there a fire drill?” is a wank song anyway.

The Club vs. Country debate is pathetic as well. 3/4 years ago if you said to me Club or Country I always said Club because that’s what I do week in week out, but that never meant I didn’t love England. I do as I’m a proud Englishman. Yes I have a dislike for certain English players but I’m sure no matter how much I dislike them if they was wearing an Arsenal shirt I’d support them, so while they have an England shirt on I’ll do the same. Apparently I’m not much of a Gooner because i was supporting the likes of Terry, Lampard and Rooney last night.

I really can’t see why people think you have to choose between the two because it’s not like they’ll play each other. Plus all this I support the Arsenal players, so what about when they leave Arsenal? Is it the players you support or Arsenal, because I’m confused.

Arsenal fans are becoming particularly annoying but I guess most fans are the same though. Look at Eduardo last night getting boo’ed but Rooney not. Even though he when far enough to say he doesn’t dive because it’s not good for the game.

This YouTube video says different though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zm5-zLu8S9U

Now let’s get this straight Eduardo dived. But to be fair to him he wasn’t the player to come out and say “I don’t dive” so why the abuse?

Its funny how we as fans think it’s the club and “prawn sandwich fans” that are ruining football. It’s isn’t really, it’s the fans who think they are the mutts nuts and bigger supporters than others that are. This constant moaning about Wenger not signing anyone, then Referees get blamed, if not that then blame the “plastic fans” or maybe the weather would be a good reason to have a moan?

This constant blame culture is ruining football, this constant divide between the same set of fans is not helping at all.

I really want to go City on Saturday, but all I’ve read about is how “arsenal fans” can’t wait to go give Adebayor some abuse (not Toure though). Whatever happened to going away to support your team? I’m not going to travel the country to abuse a player. I go to support the team I love. I could argue that makes me more of a Gooner, but I’m not one for scoring points against other Gooners, as far as I’m concerned Chelsea, United and Spurs are the enemy, not fellow Gooners.

Tickets for City are harder to come by than United last week. Strange that considering, for me, United away is the biggest game of the season.

I’m going Spain at the end of the month and will be doing a couple of away games with Malaga, and I can’t wait. I have no shame in saying I’d rather go see Malaga week in week out because they have an honest lot of fans and just go because they love Malaga, they love footy and love a piss up.

The atmosphere at the Rosaleda beats the Grove any day. Sad but true.

I will never give up supporting Arsenal, I am close to giving up on the fans though.

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