Robin is off form and a shadow of his former self at the moment. We can all see it on the pitch and by this forums votes in our player of the season project i think we all feel it too as he came 9th in the player of the month awards.

The most obvious thing is his lack of goals and good chances missed but i have noticed more than that, his spark is almost repressed within himself. Robin is a genius when he hits that top gear and he was neck in neck with Ronaldo for player of the season up until the Man Utd game 2007 when he got injured, that is the quality of the man.

However he has not been close to hitting that top gear for a long time and he does not do what he does best which is his close quarters dribbling. Robin used to love nothing more than getting in close to defenders both at speed and slowly and use his deking and jinking skills to fashion himself space and also shooting chances from those crazy angles we knows he excels in. “Give him a crowd of players, he will jink his way out” i used to say but not recently. His role in the team has not changed that much in the last year or so, certainly to have this effect, he still plays in his widish role with the impetus to getting into good goal scoring opportunities, so what is causing it?

One thing i have noted is that every time he hits this top form and is at the top of his game he gets injured, either for Arsenal or Holland he always ends up crocked. This just seems to be a natural consequence of his natural game, he loves to get in close to defenders and often fast, also how often have we seen him stretch for shots or for a ball? He uses all of his body and he does so extremely well. He entices tackles and his game frustrates defenders into putting in the particularly hard ones.

So i ask is he now so fed up of being injured that he has toned his game down to stop this from happening again? I would not blame him one little bit if he did as it must have been so frustrating for him over the last 4 years with the amount of injuries he has had, especially amongst the form he has been on. So is he now making sure he plays more by not involving himself in those daring jinking runs, not running and stretching for everything at all costs and is moving into a more orthodox playing style to prevent another frustrating injury?

What do we all think? Think i may be onto something or chatting complete waffle? Maybe other ideas as to why Robins form in many areas of his game has dropped so significantly?

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