I wandered onto Goonersworld this morning and almost couldn’t believe some of the things I’ve been reading. It’s like you’ve all suddenly started a religion based around Sky Sports News.

Look at the facts. Take City and Real Madrid out of the equation, and this summer has been ludicrously quiet. SSN had an invested interest in drumming up everyone’s expectations for the deadline day, and they ended up simply looking like the idiots they are. No one did significant business yesterday, or indeed the whole summer. Just look at the other teams in the “Big Four”. Who is strengthened, exactly? Liverpool’s squad is so woeful that Voronin is guaranteed a place on the bench every match, ManU lost their best player, and Chelsea bought Zhirkhov (hardly the most exciting player in the world). We, meanwhile, over the past year (so I include the Jan transfer window) have shorn our squad of one of its more cancerous influences (Ade) and brought in an incredibly player (Arshavin) and a solid young defender (Vermaelen) who looks much more impressive than the declining Toure.

This is the squad that just a few days ago people were saying had clearly improved on last season. The new formation is working well, we’ve largely abandoned our sole strategy from last year (pass around edge of box, work a couple triangles on the right wing to work it to Sagna, cross to no one, repeat…), we’re playing a high-pressing tempo game that absolutely tore Everton and Celtic apart and, but for two fatal mistakes, actually bossed ManU for most of 90 minutes.

Could we have made a couple more signings? Maybe. But the fact that the player most people on here thought was the next messiah ended up at Sunderland shows how much we know about footballers compared to the top managers in the Prem, of whom Wenger is obviously one of the best. We have 8 players to play in 3 positions in midfield: Cesc, Nasri, Rosicky, Denilson, Diaby, Song, Ramsey, Merida. Throw your support behind the players we have instead of moaning about the players we don’t have.

We ARE better than last year. We have Arshavin for a whole campaign. Song has matured into an excellent player. Our new formation suits us.

Get a bloody grip and think back to our excellent performances so far this season instead of moaning on and on about Blaise bloody Matuidi like he’s the second coming of Jesus.

Posted on the GoonersWorld forum by BennisBergkamp on Wednesday 2nd September 2009.

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