Thats it. Patience is all gone. If this is the board’s fault and not Wenger’s then he needs to come out and say so. But generally the board have always insisted there is money available and I believe there is. £40M earned this summer in fees. The highest matchday income in the country. ANd we were either assured or lied to that the stadium would not have a detremental effect on the club’s ability to buy players.

This is NOT a knee jerk thing, I have been trying to avoid doing this for a very long time.

This is from my very first post on this forum, dated Jan 16th 08

My opinion on Wenger: The man is a living, breathing god… but his one fault is that he is too principled. He’s got nothing to prove to anyone. To be where we are in the league with that squad is amazing. Now he should change his mind and spend some of his vast transfer fund. I believe the squad is too small to win the league, but that two or three experienced players would make the team unbeatable.

A little while later, Eduardo’s leg is all over the St Andrews pitch, a few other injeries as well, and we blew what should have been our league that year.

This year its the same. It is clear as day that the squad is too light to really challange. We have back up but its not of a high enough quality or with enough experience. AGAIN he has failed to learn lessons and do what was needed.

I have said this before… This is our longest trophyless period for 22 years.

George Graham won more trophies than Wenger has when you take into consideration the amount of games he was in charge for and the amount of major trophies won under him.

We have seen so many first team players leave I have lost count. Good players. Every season we are riding our luck and last season we rode it too far. Villa only dropped away because they were awfal in the second part of the season. Partly because their squad wasnt big enough. We now have City to worry about as well. And we have the same squad as last year (minus one of our main strikers of course who we sold to….City.

Thanks for the memories Arsene, but thats all they are mate. You have nothing more to offer. You are not irreplacable. No-one with your recent record is.

Posted on the GoonersWorld forum by Up For Grabs Now on Tuesday 1st September 2009.

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