fabregas_captain_featureAfter the whole saga of captain carnage a while ago where Henry left, Gilberto (apparently) was upset at not getting the captaincy, Gallas got it and ruined it and fans favourite Toure also suprisingly got omitted from the job it was a great relief to all when a long term solution was finally settled for in the form of the glowing star of Cesc Fabregas.

Whoever ones first choice was i would be suprised at anyone being disappointed at Cesc’s appointment. He is the talisman of the team, he is very experienced and mature for his age and he no doubts loves Arsenal. He is also very honest, not taking the route that many players take to declare undying loyalty forever to a club as it is a good soundbite but openly admitting that he loves the club but will leave one day and go back to Spain, at his own pace and noone elses. I admire him for that and his honesty is another reason why i was pleased he was made captain.

He has the ability to open up a team at any moment and lay that winning pass through to an attacker, he has the ability to control the pace of a game by being the primary mover of the ball and when on top form he has the ability to score a goal or two. What i am wondering is if his captaincy style is what we need at the moment?

Let me be crystal clear that i don’t think there is any better player for the job at the moment in the team (i used to prefer Toure but his transfer request and ambiguity with it has moved Cesc into my pole) and i am glad we have someone who loves arsenal and is world class as captain but i worry he may not quite be the ideal captain for us.

He is a lead by example captain with his effort and ability on the pitch inspiring his players on which is great and when he gets in the groove the match is his. However the big problem with us and has been for ages in my eyes is our psychology and our susceptibility to just zone out like everyone has smoked an ounce of green and forgot what the hell they were doing. It is in these times we need someone to shout their tonsils out their mouth and ship them back into shape and Cesc is definately not that kind of captain from what i have seen.

At his worst moments i have seen us zoning out and playing poorly and Cesc has just blended in with it all and stayed silent, being unassertive when ideally he should be alarmed and ready to say what must has to be said. When we slip into this phase we need a captain to snap us out of it. We all know what i mean, how many times have the gunners made us scream at the tv and nearly made our head explode in frustration with play that is almost bemusing when we consider what we know they can do.

It is not just a simple case of fluctuating form either, it is different, you see passes, shots and decisions being made that you shouldn’t see at a professional level and the players can infect eachother with this voodoo. It works the other way too, how many times have we scored a goal and suddenly and then we turn into a super team. It is different to most teams i believe, every team has variable form of course and we do too over the long term but with us there seems to be an additional invisible switch that can affect a few players or the whole team and dramatic results can happen, flipping it can make us go up or down 200%.

It all comes down to our confidence and mentality, our psychology. We are more psychologically challenged than most teams and i feel our ideal captain needs to whip things up when that switch is flicked.

Now Cesc hasn’t been captain long and even then he was injured for much so we have only scratched the surface of who he is as captain, as i say i am happy with him and hope his lead by example displays take us to great places but i wonder if he is capable of shouting and screaming our players into playing well enough for most of the time and not let us slip like we can be prone to do.

What do you think……. Is Fabregas the ideal captain for our team?
Is he capable of being the vocal captain?
Is that what we need from our captain?
Is my assessment of our psychological state belony or close to the mark?

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