Emmanuel Adebayor

Emmanuel Adebayor

At this minute in time we don’t know if the story’s of City’s bid for Emmanuel Adebayor are true or not true, But if we look at the facts it looks likely.

All the sounds coming out of Arsenal have suggested the club are willing to sell him but only at the right price and we all know that city can meet any valuation.

We also think we know that Ade would take the big pay rise and he made sounds about not been happy with the way the fans treated him last season.

So in my humble opinion I think 20-30 million will be the offer and Arsenal will accept and Ade will leave, now the question that is raging on our forums is, how much Arsenal will miss him and do we need to replace him.

Half of our members believe that Eduardo and RVP should be our first choice strikers with or without Ade and feel there is no need for anyone new and that the money should be spent on a DM.

But the other half point to Ade having a 1 in 2 goal rate and that he needs to replaced, they also point to the fact we don’t know if Eduardo or RVP can last a full season.

I think it would be a gamble not to replace him but if they stay fit it will have been a good gamble because I don’t think we need his goals but I’m not so sure we don’t need the cover.

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