Usmanov set to invest

Usmanov set to invest

A few months ago there was a few press story’s claiming that Usmanov had offered to pay 100 million of the clubs debt off to free up funds for transfers, At the time it was made clear or at least it looked that way, that the club was not interested in the offer.

The arsenal board now look like they are looking into the possibility, In a recent interview Ivan Gazidis said that the offer will be discussed at the next board meeting.

“We are open-minded about considering a capital-raising exercise, but we have to look at that responsibly, with a view to its long-term consequences.”

So it would appear that maybe this could happen now but the board still have doubts about Usmanov’s long term intentions. Usmanov’s company Red & White own a 25% share of Arsenal worth around 120 million, but many people believe this is just his way of trying to get a seat on the board or simply to buy the fans.

Im unsure how i feel about this i don’t really want him to take anymore control of Arsenal but i can see the benefits this would bring to the team both long tearm and short term.

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