We here at Goonersworld know it can be very costly supporting the team you love, so we have decided to help you by giving you a free home or away shirt.

We have also decided that our current members get so much from the site that it should be new members who benefit from this offer.

So what do you have to do to get this shirt i hear you ask. Its simple, join the forum between 22/6/09 and 22/8/09 and you qualify to be entered for the shirt.

Once you have joined the forum and started to post, the mod team will decide who the top 5 new members were in this time, and there will then be a vote for all Goonersworld members to take part in to decide who wins the shirt.

If you win you can pick any Arsenal shirt in any size and we will send it anywhere in the world. If you are interested you can join the forum by clicking here Then all you have to do is post a introduction and then sit back and enjoy the forum.

What have you got to loose? Nothing at all! Good Luck! 🙂

Click here to win the free shirt