ade_bayor2803_468x710Another day and another Ade story but i get the feeling this one might have legs, AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani has confirmed the Serie A giants are interested in signing Emmanuel Adebayor.

Galliani has again confirmed he has spoken to Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger about Adebayor and it would appear this storry is more than the usual tabloid stuff.

“Adebayor is the alternative to Dzeko, but I’ve called Arsenal to inform them of our interest,” re-affirmed Galliani.

“I’ve spoken to Arsene Wenger and Adebayor was part of the conversation.”

I know a lot of people say we should be buying not selling, but i feel we can easily cope without him and any money would be huge help in getting the DM we all want.

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