I don’t understand all this Wenger out business. Have some Gooners really become that short-sighted?

I – like every Gooner – wants Arsenal to be winning silverware. To be in an FA cup and Champions League final – to be the team that can win the Premier League on Saturday – to be the team that other teams fear – but at the moment we aren’t.

Now because Wenger hasn’t guided Arsenal to silverware in 4 years, fans are calling for him to be sacked.  

Ok then let us sack Wenger – the man who has turned Arsenal into a big club – with a massive fan base worldwide. Who will replace him?

All these fans calling for Wenger’s head obviously don’t realise the damage it could do to the club. All they see – or all they think they see is whoever replaces him will be an instant success. No they won’t!

If Wenger goes then you might as well say goodbye to Cesc, RvP, Eduardo, Nasri, Arshavin, Toure, Clichy – to name a few who would follow Wenger out the door. And the reason they would follow him out the door is because he’s the reason they play for Arsenal. Players – sadly – don’t play for the club because it’s Arsenal or because it’s who they supported as a boy, they play for us because of Wenger’s reputation. You can say goodbye to many of our promising youngsters who would defiantly jump ship.

So if you really want a new manager prepare for a longer wait for silverware. It will take a new manager much longer to rebuild a team from scratch than it would Wenger to fine tune our current squad – it would also cost a lot more.  We can’t buy players willy-nilly like Chelsea can.

I want success as much as the next Gooner but I am also a realist.  

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