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Four years without silverware, five years without a Premier League trophy. So is it time for Le Boss to go out and spend “big”? Would that really help?

The foundations are there to see, we have amazing young talent flowing through our team. We are missing two or three things though, firstly a leader is needed. Cesc, as great a player he is – is not a leader, not a Tony Adams! We’ve not had a leader like Tony since he left, some will say what about Vieira? But I don’t think he was that great a leader, player yes, leader no.

So who could replace Adams, who could we bring in to lead our young talented team to glorious things? Steven Taylor of Newcastle would be my personal choice, he is to Newcastle what John Terry is to Chelsea. And he could be the same for us.
It’s a shame Newcastle won last night because they look like they might escape the drop – making it harder for us to nab Taylor.

Secondly we are missing a wide man, an Overmars. Again we haven’t truely had and out-and-out wide man since Overmars. Pires and Ljungberg were excellent but not actually wingers – someone who gets hold of the ball and run down that white touch line – we need one of those, two if we want to be greedy.

Thirdly we are missing a solid midfielder. As much as I want to give Denilson and Song time because I really like the both of them – we need that solidness next to Cesc to allow him to more futher forward. I thought Flamini was the prefect answer and probably the difference between us challenging for the title or winning silverware this year. What I’d give to get him back!

Also we need another Bergkamp, although I don’t think one exsists. Sadly. Why do great players like him have to grow old?

I don’t think the £50m plus needs to be spend like some fans are calling for. I think a tweak here and there and we’ll be good to go.

It’s only minor surgery needed – not major!

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