I think the premier league is destroying world football and the rest of English football and something needs to change and fast. The big teams are too strong and too rich and with more and more teams getting bought by billionaire owners it is only going to get worse.

You only have to look at the lower leagues and you see club after club going into administration at the minute most clubs manage to survive but its only a matter of time before we start to see clubs folding and the worst thing is in my onion is no one seems to care.

And look at the champions league 3 English teams in the semis and 1 in the final and if we are been honest it should have been a all English final again for the second time in 2 years. Every year now its not a question of who will win the Champions league but which English team will win it.

When the subject of the home grown player quoter was brought up the other day many of said how it would make the Premier league weaker well im sorry but i think that would be a good thing. How long before the rest of the top leagues around the world stop been able to attract any top players because they all want to come to England because they know its there only chance of winning the champions league.

Its a fact that country’s like Italy are all ready losing out with tv deals because other country’s don’t want to pay for the rights to show games because there too busy spending huge fees to watch the premier league. There a lot of foreigners on this forum and they will know that years a go they could see many different leagues but now it is mainly just the Premier league.

I heard Another Sepp Blatter interview and i know hes not any ones favorite guy but im starting to agree more and more with a lot of what he says. he was talking about more than half the premier league dont play to win the league they play to stay in it and if you think about it that wrong. Yes there will always be the bottom teams that do this but over half the league doing that’s plain wrong.

There also many other reasons that the way the Premier league is changing is making our game worse look at our domestic cups. How many times this year did squads put out weak teams to save players the FA cup is meant to be the best cup competition in the world but its getting to the stage where no one cares.

I think the home grown player rule would be a good start but for the first time in my life im also starting to agree we need wage caps and maybe even spending caps. another idea i think would be to put caps on ticket prices and make it so every team charges the same and maybe even a cap on sponsorship deals. The big clubs will still be stronger due to bigger grounds but it would give the game back to the fans and bring us more in line with rest of Europe who’s teams don’t charge fans 40 – 70 quid for a ticket.

I also think the champions league needs changing back to how it was so that only the team that wins the league qualifies or at most the top 2. Its like with Arsenal this year you are happier with finishing 4th than say win the league cup but it shouldn’t be like that finishing 4th should mean nothing and it should not be a aim for the season.

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