I keep reading from the players and manager that there is a team mentality in the dressing room. There might well be one there, but I don’t see it on the pitch anymore.

Back in the days of the double winning team in 2002, and the untouchables in 2004 you watched them play as a team. They would attack as one, and defend as one too. There was no blaming one single player or unit for a bad result, you always got the feeling after a bad result ALL 11 players knew they were at fault, there never seemed to be any finger pointing.

Back then they all knew where each player would be and without a single hesitation would pass the ball into that space ready for a player to make the run towards the ball, again, in today’s team there are a few too many players who expect the ball to come to them instead of going to the ball. I remember the days when we could have a corner but get caught out on the break but somehow there always seemed to be a player there, I can’t remember how many times I saw Bergkamp or Henry being the last man back and winning the ball, all I know it’s a lot more than we see today.

I know that when we were winning things like this just seem to fit into place but even last year when we had that winning streak of games you could see that any mistake you saw players blaming one another. From where I’m sitting that’s what it look like anyway.