arshavin_280x390_369021aJust been reading the guardian as well as every other site in the world about this deal, From what i can make out this is whats happening.

The first thing is Arsenal have offered 14 million but zenit want 17 and neither side have budged on that.

but then Zenit have realized that if Arshavin leaves he has to pay them 3 million back to them because of a clause in his contract. which he singed in 2006. When he signed the contract he got a signing on fee but it has to paid back if he leaves before his contract is up.

So then zenit would be happy that 14 million from Arsenal and 3 million from the player covers the 17 million, thats why they claim the fee is agreed but arsenal don’t.

but and there always is one with this deal

The player gets £100,000 a week now and to move to Arsenal he will have to drop to £80,000 which he had no problem with.

But he is not happy about paying the 3 million and wants arsenal to pay the money added on to his contract.

Arsenal wont do it because basically they would then be paying 17 million for him which they have made quite clear they wont do.

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