2vkypatWith performances improving somewhat in the league, the FA Cup provided a somewhat unwelcome break…I just said somewhat twice…thrice actually. Anyhow in the build up all the talk was about Aaron ’Rambo’ Ramsey returning to his old stomping ground. There were talk of him hitting winners, running the game and getting booed off some of those Cardiff fans with small time syndrome.

We lined up with a few changes in tow with Fabianski in goal, Sagna, Djourou, Toure and Gibbs being handed his first FA Cup start. In midfield Samir Nasri took up his usual spot on the left, Eboue on the right and a change in the central midfield department with Song partnering Ramsey. Up front was Van Persie and Nicky Bendtner. Thankfully Gallas didn’t make a return to the starting line up.

Cardiff started extremely well, maybe we gave them less credit that they deserved and within the first 20 minutes we were clueless. Burke and McCormack (twice) almost gave the home side the lead. Our defence must have resembled sheep in some way because these mental Welshies were shagging them all over the place. I’d have been really embarrassed if Burke scored against us, he got sunstroke in Aberdeen, shameful.

Joe Ledley also spurned a great opportunity when he hit a first time volley, he really should have hit the target but it ended up in row Q with Gareth Jones (I don’t actually know if that was the guy who caught it’s name but that’s just a proper Welsh name innit?)

Our passes were extremely slack and like Ulrika Jonsson winning Celeb Big Bro, that isn’t supposed to happen. Finally, almost half way through the first half, we got a chance. The ball found it’s way to the usually angelic feet of Sammy Nasri, he dithered on the ball too long and gave the keeper time to make himself big. In the end Nasri took an age and ended up smacking it straight off Enkelman for an easy save.

Surprisingly Gibbs almost found his name on the score sheet when Van Persie played the ball back to him and from outside the area his shot had the keeper beaten but slide past the wrong side of the post.

Bendtner put in a lovely cross from the right hand side, unfortunately there was no-one to attack it in the box but The Pers. The cross missed Van Persie and landed at Sammy Nasri’s feet once again, he played a quick pass inside to Van Persie who hit his shot into the ground. Poofy and came to nothing with the keeper collecting it easier than a benefit cheat with a sore back.

The first half for us was a total non event and basically Eboue summed it up when he got booked for diving. After a long run into the box he fell on his arse blatantly looking for a penalty. This guy proper frustrates me. Minutes later another chance fell his way and it skipped under his boot and went out. The guy is like a fine pair of tits on a nun, totally useless.

Just before the end of the first period we had a scare in our box when the ball was pinged around a bit with Cardiff players looking for a penalty for hand ball. It actually hit off Gibbs face but we know them deformed creatures of Cardiff often have hands growing out their faces, legs out their arms etc. Anyhow we make a quick counter attack via Van Persie who plays in Bendtner. Nicky B’s first touch lets him down and I’m unsure if it was a cross or a shot which he manages to get away but it smacks off a Cardiff lad’s boat race and goes out for a corner.

From the corner Bendtner squanders another chance with a header from about 4 yards out. On first look it was a sitter but watching the replays I think it was quite a hard chance to take but anyhow the ball ended up going over the bar.

After the restart Van Persie almost broke the deadlock with a free kick that rounded the wall, had the keeper beat but just went wide. Like that big Spar advert in that end, so near yet so far!

Mark Kennedy almost put Arsenal in front with an OG. Gibbs whipped a great ball across from the left which eluded Bendtner and as Kennedy tried to play it back to his keeper it almost slid past Enkleman.

Diaby then came on for Ramsey. I don’t know if the build up of the game got to Ramsey but if Eboue was the nuns tits, Ramsey today was like a nuns reproductive system, completely pointless.

Lukasz Fabianski then pulled off a great save when Ross McCormack hit a shot from distance. I thought Mr Sheen had a great game today, he looked solid and the only thing I’d say is that when he did pull off this save he looked to be in quite a funny position. He was over to one side, maybe he wasn’t expecting the shot but he did well in the save anyway.

Ade then replaced Eboue. Now I stuck up for Eboue a lot this season especially though all the booing crap but his performance today was terrible. If Inter or Atletico or Accrington Stanley is interested I’ll personally take him there. He pissed me off so much today.

Anyway on with the game, Ade almost made an immediate impact. He nodded down for Van Persie to latch onto and for once The Pers’ first touch lets him down and the ball bounces around in the area and the chance faded away like the yids chances of staying in the Prem. One can hope! Adebayor then somehow managed to miss a cutting edge change to put us in the lead when a Van Persie cross found it’s way to him at the back post, his fresh air swipe at the ball ended up hitting has calf and was collected again by the Cardiff number one.

I’d be lying is I said this game was anything but boring but I suppose if the game bored you that much you could come up with other adjectives such as, sleep inducing, flat, drab, worse than watching paint dry, rather watch the Merseyside ‘derby’ and did I mention boring? With 10 minuets left on the clock it was clear to see that again we lacked a bit of spark upfront that void would be nicely filled by a certain little Ruski.

McCormack should have had a hat-trick in this game when he hit the bar from a free kick, Fabianski was getting there to be honest but it was a great shot.

Jack Wilshere was brought on with 3 minutes of regulation time left and had little time to make anything happen and I can’t remember him getting a touch?

It was a shitty game, a draw was probably a fair result. Total yawn fest all round though let’s hope the replay is a bit more interesting.

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