4884232Arsenal have turned down a offer for Emmanuel Eboue from Atletico Madrid, at this minute in time we have no idea how much the offer was for.

Atletico placed the bid through Franjo Vranjkovic who is the players agent, he then sent the offer on to Arsenal but Arsene Wenger quickly turned down the offer and talked about a contract extension for Eboue.

“We received an official request from Atletico Madrid which was passed to Arsenal,”

“I have the fax from director Ken Friar who wrote to me to say they are not interested in the offer. “

“Then I received a call from Arsene Wenger, who invited me to go to England to start negotiations over a renewal. I see no possibility that the player will leave Arsenal.”

So it looks like Eboue will be staying with Arsenal for the foreseeable future, this news may not be what everyone wants to be reading because like many of you Eboue is not my favourite person.

However at this minute in time Arsenal need to be adding to the squad not making it smaller, Eboue does prove to be a useful player for the squad so it is probably for the best he stays.

I am less sure now on the future of Nicklas Bendtner with reports over the last few day suggesting he turned down a move to Hoffenheim, Thomas Bendtner add this to say to the German media.

“Hoffenheim have shown an interest. I know that,”

“There are several clubs that call during the period when the transfer window is open. “

“It’s always like that and we are glad that there is interest for Nicklas, but a transfer is not going to happen at this stage. Nicklas will stay at Arsenal.”

But for him to turn down a move that must mean Arsenal gave him permission to talk to Hoffenheim. so does this mean he would be allowed to leave for the right price im not sure, but for the minute it looks like Wenger will be right when he said no one will be leaving the team.

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