arshavin_280x390_369021aWe should know what is happening with Arshavin soon with Arsenal making it clear they have made there final offer, The deal has been dragging on for weeks now with the fee for the player been the stumbling block.

But Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has told Zenit that the 12 million pound offer is the final one and Arsenal will not be putting a higher offer in for the Russian playmaker. Speaking to the Daily star he had this to say

“This is our final offer – we don’t go any further,”

“If we don’t get him, we don’t get him. There are other fish in the sea.”

“There is a limit. We made an offer and have now increased it a bit, but we don’t do exactly what everyone wants us to do necessarily.”

Zenit general director Maksim Mitrofanov has also spoken of how the players agent has not been included with the discussions between the two clubs. And that the agent is not the best source of news on the story.

“We are certainly conducting negotiations directly with the Arsenal chief executive,”

“The footballer’s agent is not taking part in them.”

“Because of this he simply does not know all the details of the process of negotiation, and in this sense his comments should not always be trusted.”

“As regards the process itself, as I have already said, it is not simple, but it is moving and we hope that it will lead to its logical conclusion.”

So after weeks of this saga we should know soon if he will become a Arsenal player, it would appear it is a case of Zenit taking the 12 million or Arsenal walk away but im sure we will know either way in the next day or so.

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