ist2_743827_english_money_backgrounLast week Forbes magazine released its list of the world’s 10 most valuable sports franchises. In past years the list has been made up of mainly American sports teams but slowly this is starting to change.

This year 3 football teams have made it into the top ten with arsenal been one of them. The list is not about who has the richest owner, it is about how much revenue the club brings in year after year.

It looks at things like the value of the teams stadium and how much television revenue they receive so this will be boosted by champions league runs, Big teams also receive a lot from sponsorship deals and merchandising.

This years top ten is this

1. Man utd (Prem) $1.8bn
2. Dallas Cowboys (NFL) $1.6bn
3. Washington Redskins (NFL) $1.5bn
4. New England Patriots (NFL) $1.32bn
5. New York Yankees (MLB) $1.3bn
6. Real Madrid (La Liga) $1.29bn
7. Arsenal (Prem)$1.2bn
8. New York Giants (NFL) $1.18bn
9. New York Jets (NFL) $1.17bn
10. Houston Texans (NFL) $1.17bn

The Forbes article said that Arsenal took in $329 million in revenue last year on top of this you add the value of the new ground and the money received for the naming rights of the ground and then you have the 7th most valuable sports team in the world.

I know Arsenal have debt with the stadium which we are trying to pay back as soon as possible, which in the long term will be a good thing, but couldn’t they pay it back a bit more slowly and be a bit more of a force in the transfer market and not have to worry about an extra couple of million for the player they want?.

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