adebayorI think selling Ade in the summer would make sense for the club because I feel Arsenal would be just as strong without him or a replacement.

By next season Eduardo will be back to full fitness and in my opinion he is  the striker Arsenal have been missing for a fair few years. He is the first player I think could replace what Ian Wright brought to the team.

Just before he got injured he was showing the goal scoring form we all wanted to see, I admit like most I was not so sure when we first bought him but he was beginning to show just what he could do.

Then there is RVP, we have all known for many years how good he was but I know im not alone when I was starting to get sick of the constant injury’s year after year. But this season he seems to have turned a corner and I no longer hide behind my hands every time I see him get tackled.

He is one of the best strikers in the premier league on his day, although I don’t think he will ever score huge amounts of goals, he will get his fair share and he brings so much more to the team than just goals.

So the the 2 of them together would be our first choice strike partnership and one that I feel would be lethal.

As for back up we would have plenty, we have both Walcott and Vela who are both naturally strikers and could provide cover up front. As well as Bendtner, who despite a lot of people knocking him including myself proved again yesterday that he can be our supper sub and im sure with time will become a good solid striker who can challenge for a first team place.

We also have a number of young strikers coming through the ranks, with Simpson been the most notable one and with the experience he will gain from being on loan, could be close to commanding a place in the first team squad sooner rather than later.

There is also the possibility we will have Arshavin this week who would provide another option up front for us.

All this would count for nothing if we was to sell Adebayor in January because right now I don’t feel we have the cover so if any of the story’s are true about Milan then he would need to be replaced.

It will take time for Eduardo to come back to full fitness and both Vela and Walcott are not ready to lead the line.

But I think it would be a good idea to wait till the summer and then cash in, using the money on other parts of the squad.

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