ade_bayor2803_468x710There are reports going around today that Milan will try to use some of the Kaka cash on trying sign Ade. Of course there is no guaranty the Kaka deal will go through so this could be a non starter.

But if this deal does happen Milan have made no secret of the fact they would like to take Ade to the club. They showed a lot of interest in the striker during the summer and in the end i think they just did not have the cash needed to tempt Arsenal after they signed Ronaldinho from Barca.

But this will not be the case if they do receive 107 million from Man City for Kaka, The figures been talked about for ade are 35 milllion. Which is way more than the player is worth in my opinion.

I don’t know how i would feel about this happening if i knew Wenger would spend all the cash on a replacement i would think it was a great idea but this simply will not the the case.

But would Arsenal even let him go, again i don’t know he has not been as good this year so maybe the high bid could do it and maybe Ade himself could ask to move. Ade has not seemed himself the last few weeks they even picked up on it before the hull game.

So what do you think? Is it time to take the cash or should Arsenal hold on to there man?.

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