nicklas_bendtner_371067a1Over the past few months I have seen a lot of things wrote and said about Bendtner and every body seems to have a different view on the player, with fans either loving him or hating him.

Bendtner signed for Arsenal in the summer of 2004 and he went straight into the reserves where he formed a prolific striking partnership with Lupoli . He got his debut for the Arsenal first team team in a League cup match against Sunderland at the Stadium of light when he came on as a substitute on October 25, 2005.

Bendtner started his national team career by scoring three goals in three starts for the Denmark under-16 national team in February 2004. He then scored six goals in 15 games for the Denmark under-17 national team, and was named 2004 Danish under 17  player of the year.

Bendtners first full cap came on August 16, 2006 aged only 18 years old and he still remains a full international for his country scoring 8 goals in 22 games.

For Arsenal he looks to be getting better each year, in the 07-08 season he played 40 games (most as sub) and scored 9 goals and created 7 assists. This season so far he has played 24 games (most as sub) and already scored 7 goals and 3 assists.

So the signs are there that the player is improving every year, so why do so many people not want him in the side or squad?

Wenger has given his full backing to the striker and when asked about the player and the fans he said this after the Bolton game

“The fans judge on the game but the manager has to consider what he can display in one year,”
“Today they wanted to see the finished article, that is normal.”
“He has spoken to me and he knows I have full confidence in him and people are sometimes surprised that I stick with him.”
“I think he has scored a very important goal (against Bolton) and it is not the first time. “
“He can be decisive, for me when a striker is in the air, or on the move for a set-piece, he understands football.”
“For the goal he scored he was on the move at the moment he scored. So you can say this guy is a striker and has a chance. He is 20-years-old but it is very young.”
So the stats look good for the 20 year old striker but lets not forget in some games this season he has been truly terrible and it as been a mystery to me how he stayed on the pitch for so long but are we been to hard on a player who is after all is Arsenals 4th choice striker.

A lot of fans I speak to say Bendtner is just not a Arsenal type of player and does not fit in with how the team play and would be a much better striker at a different team. There is also the question of his ego with some fans saying he is a bit arrogant but is this just down to his age and what he has done so far in his career.

So what do you think, Should people get off his back and give the 20 year old time to grow as a player or are the bad performances too much to take for you and you would like to see him leave?

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