eduardo_dasilvaWhen Eduardo first signed for Arsenal after the departure of Henry most Arsenal fans were left a bit disappointed and wondering who he was but he quickly won the hearts of Arsenal fans with some good performances and his natural striking ability.

Many fans called him the natural predator Arsenal had been missing a few even compared him to Fowler in his prime. But the striker has been out of action since Arsenal’s match against Birmingham last year when Martin Taylor made a challenge which broke his leg and ended his season.

Last month Eduardo played 45 minutes against the Portsmouth reserves and has since been working hard in training to reach first -team fitness when Wenger was asked about Eduardo’s return he had this to say

“Eduardo is fit now and available to play,”
“Of course he lacks competition and you can’t put him into a Premier League game at the moment. But I have been impressed with his performances in training this week.”
“We will see how he develops now. Everybody is so impatient with him. “Let’s not rush it too much. He has played 45 minutes after nine months out so that means he is not ready to play in the Premier League just yet.”
“You know that [the] most difficult part for a player when he has been out for so long is for him to be patient enough to be competitive at the top level,” he continued. “They feel they are ready but you know they are not quite ready.”

Our strikers have not been great this season so far and most of us are counting down the days till Eduardo returns to action but im starting to worry we might have to higher expectations for him and end up putting to much of our hope and pressure on the player.

He has been out a long time and will not doubt take time to get back to his best but we all seem to talk about him like he will save our season when that is unlikely to happen with the amount of time he has been out.

So to sum it up as with all of us I cant wait to see him play again but lets not expect to much from him at first if he does come back a goal scoring machine then great but lets not be upset if he takes time.

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