manchester_united_v_arsenal_arsene_wenger_pa_653715This season has been a strange one for Arsenal so far but things really do seem to be going from bad to worse, for many years Arsenal have seemed like a well run solid club but in the last 6 months this has changed.

From the board to the players there are endless reports of falling out and unrest which can only mean things could get worse before they get better. When Lady Nina left the board I thought there would be a scramble to buy her shares but all we hear is people saying they don’t want them. I know times are hard right now but 50 million to these people is nothing to buy a controlling stake in Arsenal.

There have been a number of reports about the board falling with each other we don’t know how true they are and it could just be paper talk but if it is true it is just one more problem to had to the growing list.

Then you get to the team again there are reports of the team falling out with each other, At the time most fans didn’t believe them but as time as gone on they have started to look more likely to be true than false.

There seems to be a lack of any backbone to the team and Arsenal are now younger than they ever have been and I worry about where Arsenal are ending. Arsenal are sitting outside the top 4 but people seem quite sure Aston villa will drop points and everything will be OK, wile I do think Villa will drop points I don’t see where people get the faith that Arsenal won’t.

With how the team has played this year I believe Arsenal are lucky to be as close to the top as they are not unlucky to be out of the top 4 and with the strength of the team I expect it to be a fight till the end of the season but a fight Arsenal are not equipped to win.

And last but not least there is Wenger for the first time in my memory fans are questioning him about everything he does and a lot of the flack he is getting I think is deserved. The fans are turning on his players to the degree of booing them off the field and message boards are full of people calling for his head.

With January nearly here you just know at the end Arsenal fans will be left disappointed again by the lack of a major signing and the unrest will grow so as the title says dark times are here the board are falling out the team is falling out and the fans have turned on both players and the manager what happened and how did Arsenal get to this stage.

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