We first met in 1988 , I was a boy of only 14 . We became friends but I didn’t get to see that much of you . You were in London and I was in a little town about 3 hours north of Sydney , Australia . I fell in love with you a decade later , that year you presented me with not one, but two giant pieces of silverware . A feat you would repeat for me in 2002

Throughout the years we have had our ups and downs (just like in any relationship I suppose) . I am forever thankful to you for introducing me to 2 men in particular that I now regard as personal heroes of mine . The first chaps name was Dennis Bergkamp , and i met him at Riverside , Middlesbrough on the afternoon of august 19 1995 . The second gentleman you introduced me too was a Frenchman named Thierry Henry and I met him on august 7 1999 .

You have taken me to places in Europe that I will probably never see with my own two eyes . Remember that night in Milan in November 2003 when you took me to the San Siro to meet that passionate and fiery Italian family . They would still be crying into their cappuccinos after the thrashing you gave them in their own backyard .

You will also remember that night in Madrid at the Bernabeu in February 2006 . No Englishman had ever left there happy , but we were grinning from ear to ear when we left our Spanish enemies to weep into their paellas .

You broke my heart later that year in Paris at the Stade De France when you 13 minutes away from makin me the happiest man on earth . In all truth that only made me love you more . The way you fought so hard against that army from Barcelona , even though they had more men and we had a horrendous list of injured soldiers . You were so brave , so valiant .

You have also taken me all over England . Who can forget that day at White Heart Lane in 2004 when you gave me another silver trophy , or that night in Liverpool at Anfield in 1989 when you made me wait for over an hour and a half for another lovely piece of silverware .

But lately you don’t seem to be yourself , where is your passion ? where is your commitment ? My commitment to you has never waivered . I buy the uniforms that you design to show others that I love you and only you . I pay for subscription television and sometimes wait up until 4 am just to see you and i will be coming to visit you next year in April to see you in your flash big new house .

I am not asking us to go back to the glory years of 2003/2004 when you never made me mad once . I am just asking you to try a little bit harder on our relationship because lately when I think of you I want to cry . So this weekend at Old Trafford can I please see the old you , the old you that made me giggle like a schoolgirl , the old you that sent shivers up my spine .

All my love , my dear Arsenal …… Adam

wrote by ozgooner @ Goonersworld