13/10/08 – 19/10/08

Zdravo, hola, Jambo, алло, allô, ciao, g’day, привіт, Merhaba,
whaddup & hello to all y’all good folk here at GW.

It’s time for your weekly dose of TWTWTWTWTWTWTWTW!
It’s late late late as I once again burn the midnight oils to bring you the latest gossip hot off the press.

As per usual it’s never a dull week around Gunnersville.  So what’s on the menu this week I hear you ask?
Well aperitifs include a side of Aaron Ramsey served with a French salad of Bobby Pires ala Thiery Henry, followed by some good old American politics garnished with a sliver of Fabregas.
The mains include a large helping of slow boiled home made Toffee Pie and a mouthwatering dessert of Totteringham Plums produced organically in the Potteries.
Mmmmmm… tasteeeee

Well, okay let’s get this party started right.

First up a big up to one young Aaron Ramsey as he serves notice as heir to Cesc’s throne with a virtuoso performance against England U21, culminating in an outrageous 30 yarder.  Obviously the kid was taking note of Geovanni’s recent exploits whilst everyone else was cursing our luck.

Bobby Pires wants AW to inject some va va voom into the French Legion, although TH14 insists they are doing perfectly fine with Dumb-enech, thank you very much.

“Ey Bobby! What’s French for I’m a stupid twat?” (You to have watched the Renault ads to get it)

Madge & Mrs Madge announce they’re divorcing.

Golfing legend Seve ballesteros undergoes surgery on a brain tumour.  Our fingers are crossed and thoughts are with his family.

Britain is praised for their bailout of big banks as many of their CEO’s are given the chop in the basklash to financial imprudence on their part.

Across the pond the former head of Lehmann’s Richard Fuld is summoned to Capitol Hill to amswer questions about how it all went Pete Tong.
Amongst other questions he was asked to justify the $480m he keeps whilst his company lays bankrupt.  He replied: “ When the company did well, we did well…” “when the company didn’t do well we didn’t do well…”
Funny, his interpretation of the term ‘not doing well’  – allow me to simplify in laymans terms – whilst his shareholders were wiped out he and his cronies still managed to help themselves to hundereds of millions worth of renumeration…

On the US Presidential contest a man named Joe Plumber becomes central character as Senator Obama seemingly shoots himself in the foot by admitting he’ll probably raise taxes on small businesses.  This irks Joe who finds a willing ally in Senator McCain who steadfastly uses Joe’s name as proxy in a 90 minute debate on every policy from Education to the war on Terror.

Word of caution Barry: when campaigning for the seat of the most powerful man in the world don’t f%@k with the American dream.  Every incoming President knows that before getting into office you swear to never raise taxes, at least not  until you actually get IN office.  Then you raise them like the price of crude oil and gold.
No matter; Old man McCain doesn’t possess the wit or watertight policy to take advantage.

Cesc throws a wobbly about the lack of depth in the squad and the world and his dog either predict an end to the empire or ready themselves to sling mud at him.
It’s amazing how many amateur Nostradamus’s exist here on GW.

Hot on the heals of one report another ‘exclusive’ reveal Cesc to be considering his at the season’s end in the hope that he may entice the Spanish Armada in to stealing him back home.

B Hop once again confounds the experts as he metes out a boxing lesson to Hopeless Kelly Pavlik .  A beating only Welshie and LRL saw coming.

ADS starts off a fascinatingly trivial random fact thread which includes such interestingly wonderous facts as:

Dreamt is the only English word that ends in the letters mt – courtesy of ADS
The numbers on a roulette wheel add up to 666……. – Damo’s entry
The average human eats 8 spiders in their lifetime at night. – from Younggooner 😯
If your hand is bigger than your face, then you have cancer – a particularly cheery fact from our ray of sunshine LilMo…

Saturday arrives and we go again as Evedrton take an early lead to much groaning and consternation among the GW rank and file, but fear not as a second half reshuffle sees us eventually make toffee of the Toffees.

And to round off what turns out to be a great weekend Spuds get turned over by Mighty Stoke.
Now, can anyone tell me what THFC really stands for? Eh?? Huh?? No??

Their Heading For Championship.  Duuuurrrggghh!!!!!

Before I go I’d like to quote a few words from the Late Sir Winston Churchill who once mused:

“We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket trying to lift himself out by a handle”
Wise words Mr Obama, you’ll do well to remember that.

And here’s another great saying from the words of ADS which I find appriatately rounds things off:

‘Also I’m off to bed, it is a random fact after all.’