It has been plastered over many papers and websites that Philippe Senderos will be joining AC Milan on a one year loan deal with an option of a permanent transfer. Until its officially released on, I’ll still take it as a rumour.

Big Phil, as he is affectionately known here, joined in June 2003 from Servette and many can be forgiven if they forgot the fact that he is only 23 this year!
Senderos has always been a player whom many fans have split opinions about. Some have declared he is not good enough to play for Arsenal, while some believe he has the potential to be a future starter in the squad. His performances last year in the Champions League game against AC Milan had many fans drooling at the prospect of a future Tony Adams in the making, but sadly some also chose to pin the blame on him after Arsenal suffered an exit at Liverpool’s hand.

Senderos has proved that he can be a player of formidable form if given a chance for an extended run, but he is also guilty of the odd mistake in the game. But than again, which defenders don’t make mistakes? I’m of the opinion that defenders are judged based on the number of mistakes that they make in a game, and to be honest, that’s what they live by. A defender can make 10 goal line clearances but when he’s one solitary mistake allowed the opposition striker a chance to score the winning goal, that will be the headline of the papers the next morning.

At the moment now, many fans are still clamouring for additional signings to further strengthen the team, and i’ll admit that I’m one of those fans. But allowing Senderos to leave so soon after signing Mikael Silvestre seems to indicate that he’ll be surplus to requirements. However, it would be right to point out that while Silvestre has plenty of top flight experience, he is already on the wrong side of 30. To me, it just doesn’t convince me that it is the right decision to allow Senderos to leave.

To say if he will be able to cut it at the highest level remains to be seen, and his abilities have also been called into question after his performance against powerful strikers like Drogba. But what I am convinced is that letting him leave will be detrimental to the progression of the squad, especially in a season where many are convinced will be the season where Arsenal are poised to snag the biggest prize which have eluded us for so many seasons, the Champions League.
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