Cesc Fabregas has stated that he would “love it” if compatriot Xabi Alonso joined him at Arsenal, and looking at the squad now, many fans would not say no either.

With 3 top class midfielders leaving Arsenal in the summer, the notable recruits to the midfield so far has been Aaron Ramsey, Samir Nasri and Amaury Bischoff. Bischoff has been signed with hope that he’ll be able to prove his long-term fitness after his injury layoff, Ramsey might not be ready for first team action as yet, thus many feel that a quality center midfielder is required to complement the attacking genius of Fabregas.

Many names have been bandied in the summer, Toure, Barry, Aquilani, Inlher to name a few. But for Fabregas to publicly state his preference is something quite unheard of. Fans will be divided on whether Alonso will be the center midfielder that Arsenal requires, and many questions will be raised on how Alonso will fit into the squad.

Fabregas had Flamini at his side last season, and was given the free rein to attack and create. But if Alonso was chosen as the replacement, it will remain to be seen how he’ll contribute to the defensive duties effectively. However on the other hand, with Alonso, Arsenal would also have another creative outlet in their ranks. If Fabregas is heavily shadowed by the opposition, Alonso can fill in as the focal point of the attack and relieve some burden from Fabregas.

Alonso would never have been the fans’ favourite to replace Gilberto or Flamini, and to a certain degree, neither do I. Alonso has never been a midfield ball winner, and his defensive acumen is something many are not convinced of. A creative player he may be, but definitely not a defensive shield for the back line.

Many people have been shocked when Mikael Silvestre signed for Arsenal, so lesson will be learned to expect the unexpected from Arsene when he negotiates for the player that he wants. Will Alonso be signed? Will he be the answer to replacing Gilberto and Flamini? All these will be answered in the following few days, when Arsene said he will have a midfielder signed by the return leg of the Twente game.

Wrote by singaporegooner

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