Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor has spoke on how the fans view him. It was rumoured in the summer, Adebayor wanted to leave the club. However, he has denied all reports of this last week and said Arsenal was the club he wanted to be at all along.

“I’m very happy. As a footballer a lot of clubs will look for you but this club is one of the biggest in the world, there are lots of young players and I have a big chance to have a good career at this club,”

“When there is a lot of speculation they (the fans) believe what they read in the newspapers. The most important thing is to keep on enjoying your football.”

“Some of the fans will love you and some will hate you but I’m in a good position and most fans love me. For me, what happened this summer is over.”

“You have to come on the pitch, enjoy your football and show them you have desire to play for their team.”

“Today I am where I am because they gave me a lot of chances.”

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