According to reports on the Arsenal website, striker Eduardo could return to the team as soon as August, albeit not at playing standard. A return to training so soon after the horror break suffered can only raise spirits for all Arsenal players and supporters.

His leg was shattered in a collision in the away game against Birmingham last season, possibly the catalyst game for why The Gunners blew a title away from a very strong position.

In an interview with Arsenal’s official site, manager Arsène Wenger revealed that the Croatian would be back in time for The Emirates Cup, albeit in a supporter role.

“It is difficult to assess. He will be back for the Emirates Cup, at the moment he is in rehabilitation

“We hoped he would be back earlier but it is very difficult to say. It will be three or four weeks more [until he comes back to England] but I don’t really know yet.”

Well, all of us at GoonersWorld wish him all the best, and we will be delighted to see him return.

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