Today is the day when we get to rejoice the signing of French International Samir Nasri, he is a wonderfully exciting player who for a couple of seasons has been heavily fancied by Euro pundits to go on to have a top class career.

This is a great signing for the Gunners although he is pretty well seen as a replacement for Alexander Hleb. In terms of a replacement Nasri is a class choice, especially if we make a profit over the two transfers, however i heard many gooner saying over the course of last season that we need to expand our squad rather than just replace our players, an extra one or two in numbers compared to what we have last season could have made all the difference.

So far this season we have lost Flamini and Lehmann and signed Ramsey and Nasri, plus Vela is finally coming. However reports are rife that we are also losing Adebayor, Hleb and Gilberto which would make 5 outgoings or 4 out field sales as Lehmann is a bit different.

The players we are set to lose are quality and no doubt the sale of all 3 should land us with a figure marginally over £40m. Even if we were to spend some of that cash on a couple of decent players such a Huntelaar (i doubt), or Falcao (could be?) and maybe sign one other that will be 5 players out and 5 players in which is not expansion at all.

Whilst quality is leaving it should be noted that quality is also coming in and we are making a profit too which is always good for our financially sound but also financially restricted club. However in terms of the numbers game we have not really made any headway.

My question to you my fellow gooners is should we expand our numbers or is just replacing the outgoings good enough?