Hleb to take medical at Barca

A number of news sources have reported Alexander Hleb is on his way to Spain to undergo a medical after Arsenal and Barca have reportedly agreed a fee.

Hleb has made his feelings clear he does not wish to be at Arsenal any longer. But insists he is greatful to Arsenal and will miss the club.

“I am very grateful to Arsene Wenger,” Hleb told http://www.tut.by. “He is the best coach of my career. And not just a coach. He is a very good man and intuitive psychologist. I very much appreciate his support,.

“I talked to him twice before the end of the season (about my future). It is also not that easy for me to leave this club, because it has become my home. I think he (Wenger) is upset, though it is better to ask him, maybe he is glad.

“In life, everything changes. I believe that there are 10 top clubs in world football, and when a couple of clubs are interested in you and offer better terms, I believe that others would have done exactly the same.

“But Arsenal is dear to me, I am grateful to Wenger for everything he has done for me.

“As an Arsenal player, I can say that there is no better club in the English Premiership.”

Hleb denied the quotes from a few days ago which slated Arsene Wenger and team mate Cesc Fabregas.

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2 thoughts on “Hleb to take medical at Barca”

  1. I am pleased that the transfer of Hleb might be completed soon, this will give the manager the opportunity to weigh his other options as far a replacement is concern. I would recomend that he signs Diego from Werder Bremen after all he scores more regularily than the unhappy at Arsenal Hleb.

  2. hey how are you there my comment is, let hleb leave the club we shall get another one

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