Hleb hits out at Wenger and Cesc

hlebAlexander Hleb has today spoke about his feelings towards Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and Midfielder Cesc Fabregas.

Hleb, who joined Arsenal in June 2005 has stated he spoke to Wenger of his wishes to leave the club a few times before the end of the season.

“My view of football and Wenger’s didn’t coincide at all,” Hleb said in the Daily Mirror.

“I raised the subject of leaving with Wenger twice before the end of the season.”

“It’s not easy for me to leave and I think he was upset about it.”

“But you should ask him. It may turn out that he’s happy about it.”

The attacking Midfielder still doesn’t know where he will end up next season, but would prefer a move to Barcelona

“I don’t know where I will play next season. It’s being negotiated with two clubs and will be decided soon.

“I would prefer to move to Barcelona.”

Then to top it off Hleb hits out at Cesc Fabregas stating he is selfish with the ball and will shoot given the opportunity. And the problem is?

“With scoring opportunities he (Fabregas) is more selfish than I am. Given the chance to shoot he always goes for it – unlike me,” Hleb added.

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2 thoughts on “Hleb hits out at Wenger and Cesc”

  1. matovu oscar kelly said:

    am an ardent arsenal fun let alone hlebbut ithink he is blaming fabregas for no reason. hleb has had many opportunities to score than cescdespite the fact that he is not decisive.and again blaming wenger bacause he says nothing about his move is also wrong

  2. Hleb!!! haaaaaaaaaa! what does the term “attacking midfielder” mean? Simple Hleb, He attacks, taking shooting chances and converting them into goals. If Cesc does that is it wrong? No. You personaly have had shooting chances and you havent taken them!!! We are not happy at all. You may think it’s cool! Well it is NOT!! Go to Barcelona maybe they will give you applause. From us FUSEKE!!!!!

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