Arsene Wenger has spoke to the official Arsenal magazine on his views as to why so many clubs are after our players.

He believes the 2-0 victory at San Siro against the European champions, is what made clubs sit up and take note of the talent Arsenal have in the squad.

“That game in Milan did us a lot of good, but also some bad.”

“Overall it was a convincing team performance and we gained a lot of credit all over the world through that game – but also maybe at that time a lot of clubs became interested in our players. This game for me unsettled our season.”

“Many clubs do not work as well as we do, and do not give a chance to young players so they looked at the quality of the team display in that game, and it attracted a lot of keen clubs.”

“Others teams and agents started to look at our players, releasing stories into the press, and it had a disturbing influence on us.”

“From then on there were always stories about better contracts on offer elsewhere and it could be said that it really disturbed us inside the dressing room, but I think the team has learned to cope with it.”

“This is a young side, at the start of a cycle, and they have had to learn from all types of pressures – from the environment, from the press, from the games, and they will be stronger next year.”

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