Adebayor-“If you move, it is about money.”

Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor openly spoke on the reason players leave clubs.

“If you move, it is about money. When we were young we played because we love the game and we were passionate about it. But now, when you reach this stage you are thinking about the Champions League and big things like that,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

“Whenever I come back to my country people love me. If I didn’t go to Europe for money, what else would it be for?”

“If you gave me the option of playing beautiful football and winning nothing, or playing ugly and winning then obviously it would be the latter. You are judged on what you win.”

“We play in a great team with a great manager, but we don’t want to play beautiful football just to put smiles on the faces of the fans.”

Milan chief Adriano Galliani is rumoured to have set his sights on signing Adebayor. Would Adebayor leave if he was offered more money?

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1 thought on “Adebayor-“If you move, it is about money.””

  1. Wow, even he now believes the big tournaments are vital. I mean he scored loads of goals in the Champions league right? Wrong. Ade had a poor conversion rate as compared to the number of chances created.I am critical of strikers at the emirates because of the number of chances we create. The stats favour our midfielders. I am a firm believer that if someone like David Villa was leading our frontline, he would set scoring records.
    We have sustained 4 seasons without serious silverware. Now can we get off the train of havin the best young squad to one that causes ripples in europe. Even Persie is now complaining of the wage structure!!!!!

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