Wenger wants bonus points

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger feels teams would play more attacking football and not sit back once they have a lead if there were bonus points available for goals scored.

“I can see a system working whereby the difference between goals scored and conceded earns you extra points,” said Wenger.”

“That would mean that, if a team was leading 3-0, they would still be encouraged to go on and try to score more goals in case their opponent pulled one back, and it would encourage the losing team to try to close the gap.”

“It would stop a team who was leading one or two nil from sitting on their lead.”

“That would be better than just awarding a team a bonus for scoring a certain number of goals – they tried it in France whereby teams who scored three goals earned an extra point, but it didn’t work.”

“This way the game would become more exciting and I feel the leading clubs have a responsibility to play positive football.”

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3 thoughts on “Wenger wants bonus points”

  1. I’ve thought for years that there should be some reward for goals scored as well as the points for a win. The introduction is much too easy for FIFA, however. They are more concerned with making a simple game more complicated.

  2. wenger has a point there but why is he so concerned over general football issues that are for fifa to handle. he should focus more on the gooners whose fans are fast losing patience with a lack of trophies.. he seems content with a man utd dominance that tears us fans to piecces..sos

  3. Totally agree with THABO. This point system is ludicrous its not fantasy football, stop moaning about the system and get us some silverware and players we actually need you shitface wanker!

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