Some of you may remember Gooner Idol from last year. It was a great success and made some excellent reading!

Now the forum has increased in size, this years should be excellent!

So, what is Gooner Idol?

Gooner Idol is a competition that all members and staff (excluding the few that are helping!) can enter.

There will be a number of rounds depending on how many members enter and the winner will receive a prize. Each round consists of a task you must do.

The rounds will not be posted until we have everyone signed up. For an idea of the rounds then click here for the Gooner Idol 07 archive

This years will obviously be different and bigger!

Each week members will go out of the competition through Poll Voting.

So! If you want to take part, you must post IN THIS THREAD (click here) stating so before 1st June 08.

Once we have members signed up, we will post more 😉