Arsenal need to change wage structure

Arsenal striker Robin van Persie does bot believe Arsenal will be able to keep hold of there best players with the current wage structure. He believes this is the reason players have been considering there future at the club.

“Arsenal won’t pay enormous amounts but should go to a higher level,” said Van Persie

“If a player can earn four times as much at another club, I can understand why he’d go elsewhere,” he added

Arsenals top players earn around £80,000 while the top players at Manchester United and Chelsea earn around £130,000 and Van Persie feels Arsenal must scrap their salary limit.

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2 thoughts on “Arsenal need to change wage structure”

  1. flex mabuza said:

    new coach is needed…must buy new playres

  2. iam a liverpool fund in uganda and netherlands thats why i luv vanpersie

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