Arsenal midfield supremo, Cesc Fabregas has scooped the prestigious PFA Young Player Of The Year award, capping off a more than promising season for Arsenal.

And, somewhat flattered by the award, he dedicated it to his team mates who he said contributed everything toward his prize.

“But this is for all the team, and all the fans, because all together we have had good season even though we haven’t won anything at the end. This is thanks to them as well.”

Hinting at the upset among the ranks at having won nothing this season, and really playing the season out for pride, he touched on his own disappointment.

“I am very proud because it is always satisfying for yourself, but all the team worked really hard this season and it’s been disappointing at the end”

Also in the running for the award were Cristiano Ronaldo, Micah Ricards, Ashley Young, Gabriel Agbonlahor and Fernando Torres. Ronaldo went on to take the main prize of the evening.

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